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Behind the Mystery of ENPP1 Deficiency

ENPP1 Deficiency is a devastating disease, so making a rapid and correct diagnosis is critical.  Meet Doctor Mughal, who specializes in this condition, and one family who experienced the impact of this disease.

The lifetime risk for developing hearing loss is around 75% for patients with ENPP1 Deficiency. Hearing loss can be present from birth or develop at any age and can be progressive.  Learn about symptoms of hearing loss, strategies and techniques for living with hearing loss, and more.

ENERGY-3 Pivotal Clinical Trial Webinar

The following is a webinar presented on August 19th, 2023, by GACI Global and Inozyme Pharma to the GACI Global community of patients and families affected by GACI & ARHR2.  The webinar gives information about the ENERGY-3 Pivotal Clinical Trial for Pediatric Patients Aged 1yr-<13yrs with ENPP1 Deficiency.  If you have any questions on the webinar, please email them us us at