The Genetics, Diagnostics, and Treatments of GACI

DNA Today Podcast recorded at NBC Stamford – January 2024

In an episode of the DNA Today podcast, Christine O’Brien, Co-President of GACI Global, and Dr. Yves Sabbagh, Chief Scientific Officer at Inozyme, share invaluable insights into the genetics, diagnostics, and treatments of GACI. Dr. Sabbagh delves into the genetic origins of GACI, highlighting the roles of genes such as ABCC6 and ENPP1. He also discusses INZ-701 and its potential to address the challenges associated with GACI. Christine offers a unique perspective on the collaborative partnership between the patient community and Inozyme Pharma, emphasizing her hopes for advancements in GACI research, diagnosis, and treatment.

Learn about GACI & the Importance of Early Diagnosis/Newborn Screening

Wait, how do you spell that? – A Rare Disease Podcast – September 2022

This podcast from Patient Worthy features insights from Liz Molloy and Christine O’Brien, co-presidents of GACI Global, and Catherine Nester from Inozyme Pharma, a company specializing in innovative therapies for abnormal mineralization disorders such as GACI and ARHR2. Throughout the episode, listeners can learn more about these rare diseases, recognize the importance of early diagnosis and newborn screening, and the importance of collaboration between the community and pharmaceutical groups in advancing treatments for rare conditions.